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Boat House

Boat House, Scalpay



To help celebrate the launch of my Artfinder shop I’ve decided to release the original painting, Boat House, Scalpay from my private collection. This is the first time that this painting has been available to purchase.
Scalpay is a small island just across the water from the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. The painting was completed following an autumn break towards the end of 2009 when the first snows where just beginning to appear on the mountain tops.
The work is framed in solid oak and ready to hang. Keen eyed observers visiting the shop might just spot the picture on the wall of my studio in the photograph on my storefront.

Obscure Alternatives – British Sea Power

Keep the headphones on. This week’s simmering choice comes from alternative energy flag wavers, British Sea Power from their stunningly, almost achingly, beautiful soundtrack to Robert Flaherty’s 1934 fictional documentary, Man of Aran. The album was released in May 2009 and performed live throughout that summer including open air shows at Regent’s Park, London.  It followed the Mercury nominated success of, Do You Like Rock Music?

The soundtrack to the silent film has been described as an impression of an impression; a 21st century attempt to complement a 20th century film about a 19th century way of life. Personally, I think it’s just a near perfect example of the symbiosis of music and film so sit back and enjoy.