Thank you for visiting my website.

I am an artist and poet based in the village of Marsden between Leeds and Manchester in the north of England. I work from my home studio perched at the corner of the Yorkshire Pennines and Derbyshire Peak District. The Pennine Way is close by and if you pass my house you have taken a wrong turn and are probably lost.

The majority of my work is inspired by the Pennine landscape with the occasional diversion to the sea. I like to focus on the different qualities of light and the effects that this has on land and sea by studying the constant changes in atmosphere and mood. We live on the east side of the Pennines so whilst the rivers run the right way (from left to right like reading a book) the sun disappears early leaving magical light known as the Pennine Sunset. As a child I was a ‘Sun Chaser’ and would ride my bike two miles out of the village to the highest point to witness the extra sunlight of the west side (the secret behind the hills). I now drive the car; the sunsets are incredible.

Inspiration is drawn from isolated farms, wild moorland and in contrast deserted beaches. My work aims to capture atmospheric skies and landscapes using a variety of techniques from watercolour, acrylic, oil and print.

My debut poetry pamphlet, Flowers by the Road, was published by Templar Poetry in February 2017.