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We face a long road ahead, and I truly believe that the arts are instrumental to people’s mental wellbeing in these difficult times. I have compiled below a selection of poems for you to peruse while you are tucked up safely at home. I have tried to select poems that fit the theme of quarantine; some may lift your spirits, and some are included to honestly reflect upon our current situation. I hope that the poems I have selected entertain you and help your day pass a little bit more peacefully.

Broad Bay I – Majella Cullinane

from Broad Bay, Majella Cullinane (Whisper of a Crow’s Wing, 2018)

Anxiety: Day 2190 – Kayleigh Campbell

  • from Keepsake, (Kayleigh Campbell, Maytree Press, 2019)

The Last Laugh – John Betjeman

-John Betjeman, Stressed Unstressed (ed.Bate and Byrne 2016)

The Cure – Nick Drake

from Staying Alive ed. Neil Astley…

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