‘So, what is the plural for crocus?’ said Gawain, as he watched from a hillside waiting for the post to arrive.

We are playing a game.

At this point you hand the baton to your neighbour who continues the story with another line. I found this game (I’m sure it will have a name) a great ice breaker when teaching students in the early nineties and also quite amusing with friends and family after the consumption of several intoxicating liquors.

Gawain’s future now hangs in the balance of your neighbour’s imagination. Who is he asking? How many other people are present? What’s the weather like? Why is he waiting for the post man? Will your neighbour continue the Arthurian theme? And so on… In many ways it’s a good team building exercise; no one wants to be the dreamer who wakes up.

It was the early spring flowers that we discovered in the garden on Monday that inspired the first line. Proof, if proof was needed, that imagination usually does need a prod every now and again. The sun was out and the afternoon task was the footings for a base for the children’s playhouse – a task that’s now three years overdue.

The air was cool, barely warmed by the sun but perfect for digging and exercise. Amanda, recovering from proper flu – the type of flu that makes you realise that you’ve never had flu before, watched from the sunlit bench. Days like these are always invigorating and with a good square trench dug out I began to make plans for the rest of the spring.

I should have known it was too good to last. The following day a thick frozen fog descended followed later in the week by drizzle (the wetting stuff) and then snow. Twelve months ago we were enjoying temperatures that topped out at twenty six degrees. Today we have a wonderful covering of snow and somewhere down the lane an abandoned car from last night’s trip home. The solitary crocus and pair of snowdrops are gone.

This week’s Zero Player was brought to the halls by a visitor. Graham Clifford, who writes his own blog at http://grahamcliffordpoet.wordpress.com/ suggested the track as part of the Snow playlist. It’s always a nice surprise to be introduced to a track that you’ve not heard before and this suggestion by Graham has led me to three whole albums of unheard gems. This might get expensive!

The track, Snowstorm comes from the second album by the American band, Galaxie 500. On Fire was released in 1987 on Rough Trade Records.

Graham’s suggestion landed just as I returned from the sun lit garden so I thought it might have to wait. It turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for this Mother’s Day.

‘Crocuses’ replied Morgan, as she warmed her hands by the fire after hiding the letter addressed to Gawain in the ice cave.